Rodent Control Services

We Provide Eco-Friendly pest control services for rodent control in Delhi NCR.

The treatment involved in rodents cleansing is not rocket science when you have professionals like us around you and within your reach. To treat rodents, the conditions that are in favorable to them needed to be shattered and thus they can be wiped off. The treatment methods are like deployments of traps which are old age technique but works always. Then we provide chemical sprays, rat kill cake and Glue Gum trays to trap the rats. Moreover, rodents and rats thrive in unclean places, so places should be kept clean in regular intervals clean practices should be practiced to keep rodents and rats at bay. Fluids and similar Productssss when disposed should be properly disposed not allowing rodents and rats to enter them. Cleanliness is godliness comes in handy during rodents control. Sanitation is another issue that needs to be care of in rodents control management.